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We are a community-run online magazine designed with three goals: to connect neighbours, to promote local businesses and events, and to bring you information that is relevant to Miltonians. Though we work with and welcome information and insights from all local, provincial and federal politicians — we are non-partisan and our content’s aim is to be reflective of and informative about our whole community.
On this site you will find connections to everything you need to know about living in our beautiful town of Milton, Ontario. As a media site, you will find our publishing principles listed at the bottom of the page. We care about quality information, building our community, and promoting all that makes Milton one of the best places in Canada to live. We are not breaking news; we too respect and read our local news site/paper for breaking news. We are real people of Milton, we bring you stories about real Miltonians. We are community-builders.
Please join us regularly to read about life in Milton, to add your events to our community calendar, to make plans using our community calendar, to receive insights from local professionals, to stay on top of local Arts events and offerings, to follow local sports teams and athletes, and to submit your items of interest!
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Stacey Newman

Jenn Callum
Editor, The Arts

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Director, Social Marketing and Brand Communications
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Editor, Food

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Sean James
Gardening Guru

Special thanks to local resources like the OMDREB and our media partners for helping us to build a comprehensive, easy-to-use and whole community media site for Milton.