Part I: Remembrance Day

When you see Canada being mentioned around the world, you'll find that most people associate Canada with things like maple leaves, politeness, poutine and now Prime Minister Trudeau. Everybody knows about our free healthcare, clean and…

Bringing the Outside In

With frost around the corner, now is the time to think about salvaging some of these living air cleaners—plants are very good at cleaning the air in your house, removing illness-causing agents and humidifying the air. It’s also about saving…

Milton’s Home Hardware

The Milton Home Hardware has been an almost permanent fixture for our growing community. It changed hands in January—Jeff Seydel purchased the hardware store and took the reins during the first month of this year.

Boulevard Maintenance

In my travels for my horticultural consulting and design business, I pass through a lot of different towns and cities. It's remarkable to me how beautiful some municipalities are. Burlington, Oakville, Brampton—these are all beautiful…

The Rohingya Crisis

The Rohingya crisis dates back to 1982 when the Rohingya people were unable to obtain “citizenship by birth” status in Myanmar because the Citizenship Law did not include the Rohingya on the list of 135 recognized national ethnic groups.