Bradlee Ryall Golf Academy summer camps, affordable and unforgettable!

Did you know that Milton is home to some of the greatest golf instructors in Canada?

Milton is a fast-growing town, filled with sports enthusiasts, adventure-seekers and families looking for unique and educational summer camps for children. Referred to as The Greatest Game, golf is a sport for life: sustaining its relevance for people of all ages throughout the years.

The Bradlee Ryall Golf Academy award-winning summer camps are located at the Royal Ontario Golf Club on Trafalgar Road in Milton. Bradlee Ryall is one of Canada’s foremost golf professionals, he and his family live in Milton. Ryall is also an advocate for education and building golf programs which are accessible, and affordable. He has also founded a line of affordable, durable junior golf clothing and accessories for young players called SWINGThe Bradlee Ryall Golf Academy summer camps provide unique opportunities to build solid foundations on which young players will build an array of skills. Junior Summer Golf Camps are the best way possible to immerse young athletes into the sport of golf—the group assemblies that our golf academy offers to the public are designed to build muscle skills and social graces, and often spark a life-long appreciation for golf. Each camp is a gathering of new friends absorbed in an athletic, educational adventure with many transcending moments, which become good memories made for life.

If you’re living in Milton, the Bradlee Ryall Golf Academy summer camp is an affordable and exciting camp experience for your children, who will be led by a team of PGA of Canada professionals at a state-of-the-art facility right here in Milton. Exclusive to Kaneff Golf and located at Royal Ontario and Lionhead Golf Clubs, the Bradlee Ryall Golf Academy summer camps are week-long, full-day and half-day golf training programs that are fun and effective at shaping abilities with sound fundamentals, athleticism and peer development.

At the end of the camp, each player is the subject of a highly personalized progress report. This report is stored on file and will be updated before and after the next camp, and so on as the player progresses through academy training.

Each golf camp participant wears a coloured wristband denoting their camp and level of play. As each athlete progresses through the Bradlee Ryall Golf Academy, they’ll earn more senior bands. The high-level wristbands are tangible and precious marks of achievement—something that builds great confidence in young players and emotional strength which can positively affect other aspects of their lives.

The camp encourages on course play and will bring participants on the course to enjoy golf in its truest form (based on availability). Lunch is fresh and prepared daily along with fresh fruits and snacks throughout the day.

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Adult Programs

The Bradlee Ryall Golf Academy also offers a wide variety of adult training programs:

  • Private and semi-private instruction
  • Group Lessons (Couples Clinics, Parent/child, Ladies, Beginners)
  • Half and Full-Day Golf Schools
  • 9 and dine!

And many more…


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