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Introducing the Baniski Brothers & TinWii!

Get help and earn money helping your neighbours in Milton

Photo courtesy of Metodi Baniski.

MiltonTalk is proud to announce our exclusive cooperation with TinWii. What does TinWii mean? We don’t know, actually, but that just makes it more mysterious. is truly local, innovative technology. Miltonians and brothers, Metodi and Ilija Baniski, are all-around brilliant developers and MiltonTalk superusers. They have taken the time to understand how users use the MiltonTalk forum, and the Baniski brothers–who both work in high tech–have developed TinWii…for everyday Miltonians/neighbours to connect with neighbours to get help with just about any task. Using TinWii is free in Milton for all accounts created before September 1, 2017. It costs nothing to register your account, it’s fast and simple. Once you register, your account usage is FREE…FOREVER in Milton.

Milton, Canada: TinWii developers, Metodi and Ilija Baniski, hard at work at home in Milton. Photo taken by their father, Kiro Baniski.

There are two types of TinWii USER. You might be one or the other, or you might be both types of user at one time or another:

USER #1: HELP! You need something done – You know how much you want to pay (or you can leave this open or to be discussed) and you post. Wait for responses. Select someone to help you with your task. Get the help and pay when done!

USER #2: HELPER, you want to make a little money by helping a neighbour – You browse posts. Respond to a post. Wait to get selected. Help and get paid.

Look for a TinWii menu item at and get ready to launch. TinWii is superLOCAL, just for Miltonians.

TinWii will be going live on July 1. In the meantime, review the infographic below and visit the site now to pre-register and win!