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Miltonian on the Argos coed stunt team takes tailgating to new heights

In the photo Mario Carito (left) Vincent Cruz (back behind police officer), Evan Heics (right), Zack Bethell (far right, spotter). Photo courtesy of Mario Carito.










Mario Carito is a longtime Miltonian and member of the Toronto Argonauts Cheerleading team. Carito says “this is the first year that the Argos are introducing a coed stunt team.” Carito and three fellow team members were walking around at the tailgate party before a game this week at BMO field in Toronto. They were hoisting young children in the air for pictures and to inspire interest in the stunt team.

Says Carito, then “a Toronto Police officer was amazed and we offered to put her up in the air.” The officer was reportedly hesitant but Carito assured her saying she would have “600 lbs of muscle underneath” her. They had spotter Zach Bethell standing by and watching for her safety. She agreed to be lifted. Says Carito, “she was loving every second when she was in the air!”

Left to right: Mario Carito, Vincent Cruz, Evan Heics, Zack Bethell of the Toronto Argonauts Cheerleading Team’s eight-person stunt team. They each have their own stunt partner that they throw in the air. Photo courtesy of Mario Carito.