Milton’s Home Hardware

The Milton Home Hardware has been an almost permanent fixture for our growing community. It changed hands in January—Jeff Seydel purchased the hardware store and took the reins during the first month of this year. Seydel had to get acquainted with his new team and he says it went smoothly enough. “I inherited an incredible and knowledgeable team,” says Seydel. “They were not used to handling the amount of stock I was ordering.”

What you might miss about Milton’s Home Hardware is how big it really is. From the entrance, the store’s front end is much larger than it appears at first glance; serving as a gateway from the paint and bathroom displays to beyond. Complete with the contractor desk and kitchens, and the lumber and supplies yard; Home Hardware is exactly what we’ve always expected it to be…a building filled with everything hardware; from tools and equipment to odds and ends, to unique treasures that have been hand-picked by passionate local buyers. There are also some exciting changes on the way, Seydel talks about sprucing up some of the layout.

Shortly after purchasing Home Hardware, Seydel went through an uneasy time thanks to dipping numbers. Barely two weeks after he moved in, another large box competitor opened up in town. But, Milton is a town that loves local, built on a strong sense of community. Miltonians ended up returning to the Home Hardware on Steeles— a local business they’ve known and loved for years. Seydel says his point of difference is in the knowledge and proficiency of his staff. “Our team really knows what they’re talking about,” he says. “In a pinch, we can even run supplies out to contractors.”

Seydel has successfully merged his two passions, real estate and construction, “I got into real estate because of buying and renovating property,” explains Seydel. Taking ownership of the Home Hardware seemed like a natural fit for the savvy realtor. The bonus is a community that he’s now part of. “I really enjoy the people of Milton. They’re really nice and friendly people,” he says. “That’s why I want to move here.” It’s worth the morning commute from his North York residence to our growing GTA community.

Here’s How

The Home Hardware Here’s How re-branding campaign has already proven successful. Seydel has implemented DIY seminars–inspired by the Here’s How re-brandin the hopes that in a participant he will “make a customer for life.” As a series of free do-it-yourself seminars held in-house on Tuesday evenings, Seydel and team demonstrate different projects to community members. During a recent seminar, they demonstrated toilet repairs. “One guy came back and he had fixed his own toilet at home.” Definitive proof that the seminars work!

Milton is the first to run the Here’s How showcase and there are plans for more advanced DIY project demonstrations set for 2018. Welcome to Milton Jeff!