Real Community Conversations
The truth is not always evident, however, it is incumbent upon journalists to get the facts straight. We are committed to striving for accuracy, to provide all relevant facts that we have and to fact-check all information provided to us prior to publishing. If we cannot corroborate information, we will say so. If a fact is later known to be an error, we will correct it.
We strive to be independent voices; Milton Talk does not act, formally or informally, on behalf of special interests whether political, corporate or cultural. Our editors and contributors are members of the Milton community, any affiliations we have or involvement we may have will be listed in our biographies and available to our readers and forum users. We strive to fairly, responsibly and accurately represent all interests.

We strive to produce content which is balanced and with as much context as possible. Objectivity is not always possible, nor would it always be desired (for example in the face of human rights violations or brutality), but we strive to report fairly and to earn the trust and confidence of our readers.

We strive to remember our humanity is all situations. We strive to maintain awareness at all times of the impact of our words and images have on our audience and on the lives of others.
We strive to capture in our content the diverse values, perspectives and lives of the people of our community.
We hold ourselves accountable, if we are made aware of errors, we will check and correct. We strive to listen to the concerns of our audience. We strive to provide leadership and coverage which constitutes ethical freedom of expression.