Resetting your mindset

Tools for shifting your thoughts and creating empowerment

“Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.” ~Buddha

I remember what life was like before I had been given the tools to shift my thoughts and create an empowering context for situations. I was exhausted, broke, depressed. The decisions I was making weren’t serving me. What I didn’t realize was the power I had within myself to change it all. I was convinced that the way things were was just the way they would always be. Then a gift was given to me—the gift of resetting my mindset.

Once I decided it was time for a change, and acknowledged that I had the power to change it all, things got better. Life went from a state of suffering to a state of beauty. I was creating success and happiness. It was all up to me. I want to share with you some of the tools for shifting my mindset and improving my life that were given to me.

1. Shift your thoughts

Our thoughts are powerful. So powerful, in fact, that they can completely change the way our day plays out. There is no meaning in things themselves, the meaning is what we make of situations. We decide how we are going to react. By simply shifting our thoughts about a situation from disempowering to empowering, we can manage everything. When you find yourself reacting to a person or situation in a way that has you upset, stressed, and overwhelmed…acknowledge the thought, and then let it go. Replace it with one that has a more empowering context. For example, you didn’t get the house you were bidding on. You might feel defeated, as though the world is working against you because you just lost the perfect house, OR you can think of this as a sign that there is a better place, more suited to you, just waiting for you.

2. Create a morning routine that sets the tone for a positive day

The way you start your day will set the tone for the rest of your day, so why not make it empowering? I had always declared that I was not a morning person. Now I look forward to starting my day. I get up energized and excited to see what the day has in store. Everyone’s routine will be different, but here are some ideas of ways you can get your day started in an empowering way:

• Meditate – clear your mind and become present
• Reflect on your blessings – grab a journal and write down five things you are grateful for
• Read something or watch something that is inspiring
• Fuel your body – I use my superfood shakes to get my day off to a great start, you may choose a healthy meal. Whatever you choose, give your body what it needs to feel great
• Outline some goals for the day and make sure they are SMART ones — specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and trackable
• Declarations —make them empowering

3. Have an attitude of gratitude

Decide to express your thankfulness and appreciation in all parts of your life each day. It doesn’t matter if you are thankful for big things or small things. Simply living in a state of gratitude will open your eyes to some of the little things that we often miss when we are caught up in our days. Gratitude allows you to feel a sense of abundance and will leave you recognizing and enjoying some of life’s small pleasures.

4. Create possibilities

I am sure you have heard it said, and it is true: what you tell yourself will likely become so. If you say you are going to fail, you will fail. So, why not create possibility? Just by declaring it possible, you are so much closer to achieving whatever it is you set out to do.

5. Meditate

It is never too late to start. Meditation takes you away from the chaos that life brings. It allows you to still your mind and become present. I find that daily meditation has provided me with better concentration, productivity and allowed me to practice self-forgiveness.

6. Get rid of your limiting beliefs

Often we aren’t even aware of our limiting beliefs and yet, they play such a massive role in how our days go. They are hidden in our subconscious, out of view. Often these beliefs were formed when we were young and we have carried them with us through our lives. The first step is to identify your limiting beliefs. For example, one of mine was that I was not enough or I don’t deserve to be successful. Once you have identified the limiting belief, acknowledge that it is not true and replace it with a more empowering belief. Now take actions that align with the new, empowering belief of yourself.

We are the directors of our own mindset. Once we realize that we have the power to create change in ourselves, we are well on our way to creating the life we desire. Put into practice, these tools will help you to create a positive mindset that will leave YOU feeling empowered.


Transformational Coach | Change Catalyst | Marketing Strategist | Entrepreneurial Executive 

Alison Grimley is a Miltonian, a mom, a marketing executive, a community activist, and a Dale Carnegie-trained specialist in effective communication and human relations. Her column, Ask Alison, is Alison’s views, both personal and professional. It is her story, and it’s your story. Send Alison your questions, your comments, and your thoughts on living your life to the fullest. Alison’s columns are available weekly here at You can also find Alison’s style and fashion tips under Lifestyle–she is our BEST YOU advocate and guru.