Rubber Duckie, you’re the one…

July 27, 2017 – Milton, Canada: The classified ad placed in the Milton Canadian Champion by Stratford Girl 2017.

Whether you’re old or young, an optimist or a curmudgeon…few of us can resist the intrigue of a good mystery or the allure of a great love story. Though a chance-meeting-turned-fairytale-romance is more likely to be the premise of a Hollywood blockbuster like Sleepless in Seattle or Serendipity…for one hopeful woman in Stratford, a chance encounter involving a giant rubber duck and a mystery man from Milton has left her wondering.

Has she heard from him? This is the first question I ask and “Stratford Girl” (we won’t publish her real name by request) quietly responds over the phone that she has not yet heard from him.

Sunday, July 9 was the last day to see the rubber duck in Owen Sound. Stratford Girl, a friend and their children went to see the giant rubber duck. The group ended up in the visitor’s centre standing in line where a man and his daughter stood behind them. Says Stratford Girl, “We struck up a conversation and we connected easily.” She goes on to say, with an apologetic laugh, that it seemed like a strong connection. He was friendly. To her it seemed that it was such a natural and memorable conversation. “After we walked away, he turned towards me smiling. In hindsight, wish I had been more assertive.”

The conversation lasted just 15 minutes or so. The man told her that he was from Milton.

July 9, 2017 – Owen Sound, Canada: Stratford Girl (woman on the right) with her friend and their children, visiting the giant rubber duck at Owen Sound. Supplied photo.

Stratford Girl is a single mom of two. She grew up in the country. On rubber duck day, the group was ultimately headed to Port Elgin to the beach. After the conversation with the man from Milton, Stratford Girl found herself still thinking about the chat at the cottage later that night. Her friend was instantly supportive and encouraged Stratford Girl to find out more.

When she had returned home, Stratford Girl talked about the chance encounter with her brother’s wife who said that she should place an ad to find the man from Milton. And that’s what she decided to do, albeit reluctantly and not knowing where to start.

Stratford Girl researched the Milton newspaper and she found the Champion’s classifieds. She first placed the ad in the Lost and Found section, explaining that she hates online dating and even this seemed a little over the top. Says Stratford Girl, people in Milton have been nice to her, from the woman who handled her classified ad cheering her on, to the emails she has received from Miltonians who want to know if the man from Milton has contacted her.

“I received an email just last night from a man asking if I’ve found him…He said that people have been talking about it, it’s a cute romance.”

Indeed we have been talking about it! Stratford Girl says that she has no expectations, but she just thought she would see what happens. She reiterates that online dating isn’t her thing and if nothing else, she is thankful for a conversation that left such an impression on her.

Milton is wishing you luck Stratford Girl. Let’s hope the man from Milton is reading. Thank you for sharing your story with us!