Real Community Conversations

Rules of Engagement

Background articles do not have a comments section. That is intentional, all discussions happen on our social media (Facebook Page, Facebook Discussion Group, Twitter, and Instagram).

We invite you to join our Facebook Discussion Group, part of the Milton Talk network.


That page has four simple rules:

1) Keep posts focused on Milton
2) No advertising, spamming, fundraising, selling, self-promoting, surveying or soliciting
3) Be courteous and respectful
4) We do not allow public shaming or negative reviews

Please note that the Milton Talk rule #1 does not apply to the Milton Talk team. In addition, the Milton Talk team is entitled to conduct surveys or fundraise, if it meets our internal policy.

Also note that blocking an admin or a moderator will get you removed from the group.

Explanations, Exceptions, Examples:

1. Keep posts focused on Milton

At our discretion, we may make an exception for “neighbourly” conversations that might not be directly relevant to Milton (eg: asking for advice, referrals or recommendations).

2. No advertising, spamming, fundraising, selling, self-promoting or soliciting

a. You can share a non-commercial event if the event is open to everyone
b. Registered charities can fundraise with prior approval
c. A genuine customer can share a positive experience. However, if it seems like advertising then it will be removed (trust us, we’ve seen it all)
d. Posting an open job is okay, but don’t use it as an advertisement in disguise.
e. Occasionally sharing Milton Canadian Champion or other news articles that are relevant to Milton is totally fine. Otherwise, redirecting people to other groups and/or website is considered advertising.

f. Asking people to vote for your photo or business is considered advertising.
g. We do not allow fundraising (this includes third-party events). We do have a heart but if you are not a registered charity then we suggest you work with one and fundraise for them (or through them). There will be no exception to this rule.

3. Be courteous and respectful!
Healthy discussions (and disagreements) are welcome. However, rudeness, profanity, insults, defamatory posts, personal attacks or purposeless inflammatory comments will not be tolerated. Repeat offenders will be removed from the group. Please note that since it’s a members-only closed group, taking screenshot and posting it outside of the group will get you removed from the group.

4. We do not allow public shaming or negative reviews
Background on this rule:

a. Criticism of politicians *is* allowed, as long as it doesn’t violate rule #3 and is directly relevant to Milton.
b. Sharing news from an established and credible news site is allowed, even if the news is deemed to be negative, provided that it does not violate rule 2e.