This past Monday afternoon, my husband lost control of his beloved Dodge Viper…

May 29, 2017 – Milton, Canada: The Dodge Viper flipped and rolled, settled here in the field along Britannia Road near James Snow Parkway at approximately 3:30pm on Monday afternoon. Photo courtesy of Suzanne Vidmar.

“This past Monday afternoon, shortly after 3:30 pm my husband lost control of his beloved (and babied!) Dodge Viper, leaving the roadway, flipping several times. I will start this post saying how incredibly grateful I am that he is alive and okay, his strength is nothing short of miraculous.

“However, I feel the need to speak out against the negative comments and early media release that suggest that there was “racing” with an unknown motorcycle at high speeds. This is a quick and easy speculation to make given the make of the car, but I can assure you it is not the truth.

“Having just turned left onto Britannia from Fifth Line, the car was just at the speed limit. What happened next is what is missing from the articles. The “unknown motorcycle” (actually a dirt bike) was driving on the shoulder throwing stones up at and into my husband’s car and making some reckless moves. After attempting to pass and keep away from the bike, the bike cut off the Viper causing the vehicle to move into oncoming traffic where a large truck was coming towards him–with a quick correction in a very powerful vehicle to avoid a surely worse outcome, control was lost.

“The bike LEFT the scene. Let me be clear and repeat–there was NO RACING whatsoever. This was a quick assumption and bias made based on the type of vehicle and passing on the road. It is an assumption that is unfair and one that takes focus away from what is important. I am asking that attention be turned to helping us identify the bike that was involved.

“Any witnesses or individuals with dash cameras who were in the area around the time of the collision are asked to call the Collision Reconstruction Unit at 905-825-4747, ext. 5065, or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477), online at, or by texting ‘Tip201’ with your message to 274637 (crimes).

Lastly, thank you for those people who immediately came to my husband’s side to help as much as they could and keep him calm, especially the woman who held his hand and reassured him help was on the way and the gentleman who helped remove grass/mud away from my husband’s head–he (and I along with our son and daughter) will forever be grateful to you. Please let me know who you are so we can thank you personally.”

By Suzanne Vidmar, wife of the driver of the Dodge Viper.

This is a firsthand plea for witnesses and a request to correct the details of the accident as reported by other media outlets.

*****UPDATE: June 1, 2017*****

According to Chris Heffernan, Detective Constable with the Halton Regional Police Service Collision Reconstruction Unit (CRU), the investigation is still underway. To date details are as follows, and we will continue to post updates:

  • No charges have been laid against the driver
  • The cause of the accident is still being determined
  • Police spoke to the driver of the vehicle and he provided his statement
  • Police have spoken to some eye witnesses
  • Police are still seeking witness accounts and may be contacted using the information posted earlier
  • Police will continue to investigate the accident using eye witness accounts, physcial evidence, using math and physics for example interpreting kinetic energy involved etc., and the results of the investigation will be released to the public upon completion.